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Free Domain Name 4 U For Lifetime With Full DNS Configuration
First thing that we need to create website or blog on internet is domain name.We can easily buy top level domain names from godaddy,namecheap,bigrock etc. domain seller websites.It costs only
10$-15$ per year for a .com domain.But still some newbies don't want to invest that much money for a domain name.So, they start blogging with blogspot sub-domain.We never recommend anyone to use blogspot sub-domain.Because google can delete your blog anytime and once your blog is deleted by google, you can't get back your sub-domain and also we can't use that sub-domain in own webhosting.So, today we are going to share 5 best sites who provides free domain name for lifetime with full DNS management.

5 Best Sites Who Provide Free Domain Name For Lifetime With Full DNS Configuration :

#1 CZ.CC Free Domain Name :

CZ.CC is one of the most famous free domain provider.You can register unlimited domain with CZ.CC free of cost.It gives you full DNS support with domain name.You have to create a free account there to register your own domain name.You can also register,,,,,,,,,,, and many more extensions domain on CZ.CC.Register your free domain with CZ.CC.

#2 Dot.Tk Free Domain Name : is the leading free domain provider with DNS support.Dot tk domain looks like a paid domain because it is very short.Dot tk domain has the same power as other paid domains.Dot tk providing free domain name since 2001.We can easily add or modify CNAME,A,AA records of dot tk domain.We can also use .tk domain with own webhosting or we can also host it with Dot tk.Register your free .tk domain name on

#3 CO.NR Free Domain Name :

CO.NR is a great free domain provider who provides very short extension domain name with no ads.Domain registered with CO.NR comes with many premium services like URL redirection,URL cloaking,path forwarding,custom favicon support,full DNS management and much more.Register your free domain name on CO.NR.

#4 SMARTDOTS Free Domain Provider :

On smartdots you can register free .xx.xx extension domain name for lifetime.Smartdots provide premium services with domain name like unlimited e-mail accounts,DNS support,free webspace,access protection,FTP login,custom favicon and much more.Register your free domain on smartdots.

#5 CU.CC Free Domain Name :

It is the one of the most trusted free domain provider with premium features.You can register up to 100 domain names with for free.CU.CC provides free DNS service with full MX,CNAME,A and SOA records.CU.CC also have affiliates program for its users.Register your free domain with

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These are most famous sites to register free domain names.Free domain names are mostly used for testing purpose.If your a serious blogger, we recommend you top level domain names like .com,.net,.in etc.And if you want to go with free domain name than .tk and are best free domain providers.Please leave your feedbacks and suggestions below in comments.And don't forget to socialize this article with your friends.
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